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Oldfield Primary School

A community of proud and resilient children who are learning to take their place in the world.


We strive to ensure a stimulating, carefully organised and inspiring setting for all of our children.

We have much to look forward to this year: Exploring new environments, making new friends, learning to share and take turns and, most importantly, developing a lifelong love of learning!

Please see the termly curriculum maps for more information about teaching and learning in Nursery.

Miss Davies (Nursery) 

Last year I completed my first year of teaching here at Oldfield after graduating with an honours in Primary Teaching from Roehampton University. I am a subject specialist in Art and PE and I am passionate about ensuring children have a learning environment that allows full opportunity to explore and excel in creativity and exercise. After enjoying my first year in KS1, I am excited for my time in Early Years and find it fascinating to see children learn so many exciting things through exploration and play!